There is increasingly compelling evidence to support psilocybin as an effective treatment for PTSD, as well as a treatment for some chronic symptoms of head trauma. PTSD and head trauma are common issues faced by many Veterans, so Heroic Hearts Project UK is committed to both aiding Veterans’ recovery through psychedelic therapy, and to contributing to the evidence pool so that many more people can be helped in the future by these modalities.


Due to complications, our retreats will be taking place in the Spring of 2022. The retreats will be held in The Netherlands over 7 days (6 nights). 


The therapeutic aspect of the retreats will involve the use of psilocybin, a mushroom driven psychedelic that has shown potential to improve mental well-being as well as more complex psychological disturbances. 


All participants will be supported with professional preparation and integration training before, during and after the retreats. Heroic Hearts Project UK will be funding, coordinating and carrying out all coaching, as well as travel and participation costs for those taking part. 


We are aiming for the first retreats to take part in the Spring of 2022, with preparation starting at least 1 month before.


We have closed applications for the psilocybin retreat.


Our priority is to provide this healing opportunity to Veterans who experienced head trauma during their service - this could be from a documented period of unconsciousness and/or repeated exposure to explosive forces. 


Secondly, we wish to improve the mental wellbeing of Veterans who are experiencing psychological difficulties. That said, you do not need to have a formal mental health diagnosis in order to participate.  


Lastly, it’s very important to us that the Veterans taking part in our retreats receive as much healing  from the experience as possible. For that to be possible, participants must be open to the potential healing effects of psychedelic medicine


Please be aware that this form of therapy is not suitable for everyone. We are unable to consider applications from Veterans with:

  • heart issues

  • blood pressure issues

  • a history of psychotic disorders

  • a parent or sibling with a diagnosed psychotic disorder

  • current use of antidepressant or antipsychotic medicine that you would be unable to discontinue


Please do not alter your medication to apply to this programme. If you feel you would be interested in ceasing use of your medication in order to attend our retreat, please wait to hear back from us regarding your application, then discuss potential alterations to your medication with your healthcare provider. 


Our team will review each application individually to determine eligibility. We will be making participant selections based on who we believe will get the most out of this therapy. Please fill out the application as fully and honestly as possible.


Psilocybin is not an approved therapy in the UK and we do not offer medical advice. We strongly believe in the therapeutic potential of these retreats based on the available evidence regarding the therapeutic effects of psychedelic substances, including psilocybin. That said, we cannot guarantee results; everyone reacts differently to psychedelic substances. Every care and effort has been made to ensure that these retreats are as safe and beneficial as possible for those participants who engage fully with the programme. 


Psilocybin truffles are legal to use in a retreat setting in The Netherlands, you will not be committing an offense by taking part.


Heroic Hearts has now closed recruitment for our psilocybin retreats.