Sonny served as a reservist in both the Royal Marine Commandos and the Special Boat Service. He later worked as a close protection officer and as a surveillance operator in the world of corporate espionage. He currently uses the skills he’s learned to teach personal security.

After witnessing people close to him suffer from PTSD and other mental health issues he began researching alternative treatments which introduced him to HHPUK.

Sonny’s own experiences with psilocybin have confirmed his research and led him to move to Costa Rica to learn more about psychedelic-assisted therapy treatments for mental health issues.

He now uses social media as a tool to spread awareness, challenge stigmas, and help raise funds for veterans to access psychedelic treatments.


Rory Lamont was a professional international Rugby Union player who played for Glasgow Warriors, Sale Sharks, Toulon and Scotland. While representing Scotland in the 2012 Six Nations tournament he suffered a career-ending leg break. The injury was followed by a debilitating health crisis that derailed his life and vitality and lead Rory to seek alternative healing protocols when mainstream medicine failed to assist.

In 2014, motivated by the collapse of his physical and mental health, Rory travelled to  Central and South America where he experienced the transformational healing power of the plant medicines Iboga and Ayahuasca which lead to an epochal shift in his self-awareness. With a new blueprint for navigating the challenges in his life, Rory experienced a rapid improvement in his wellbeing.

Over the last few years, Rory has dedicated his life to expanding his knowledge on natural healing which he now utilises to assist others on their own journey to health regeneration at his retreat centre CAIM in Highland Perthshire. He considers psychedelic plant medicines to be one of the most powerful healing modalities available for resolving the current health crisis the world is facing.


Joe is a global media and advertising expert having worked for over 20 years for the biggest advertising and consulting firms. He has helped build the world’s most recognizable brands and also the UK Government where he worked on advertising campaigns for RAF and Army recruitment as well as teaching and nursing campaigns. He believes that the communications industry is ready to hear and transmit the message that plant medicine has tremendous potential to help us in the health challenges we face.

His global roles have taken him around the world and into a diverse set of countries and industries. One of those twists took him to the Amazon where he was fortunate to work with Shipibo healers. He has seen first hand the incredible healing that can take place in Ayahuasca ceremonies not just in the realm of the psychological but also the physical.

Having built a global network in the plant medicine space as part of the leadership group of the grassroots organization Thank You Plant Medicine, Joe is convinced that the current stigma around plant medicine must change. The possibilities for the treatment of so many health issues raning from anxiety all the way through to serious accidents. He is particularly interested in the research into Traumatic Brain Injury.