If selected into our programmes, we will provide logistical support for your passage to the retreat centre. We also provide sessions with our integration coach. Our coach will help you prepare before the retreat and then provide integration support afterward.


We have developed strong relationships with cutting edge therapy retreat centres and programmes in different countries. We have carefully vetted these centres in order for you to have the best opportunity for a quality experience. We only work with reputable centres that conduct their treatments in a safe and sustainable way.


We provide everything at cost so we do not make money from the veterans we assist. As a result, we rely on the veterans we help to give back to our programmes to allow us to continue our mission.


Our team reviews each application individually to determine eligibility. Our decision-making process depends heavily on your answers to the application. We only work with veterans who we believe will work hard to get the most out of the experience.


Applicants who are able to fund some or all of their journey will be selected sooner. We have found that those who have a stake in the game tend to have better experiences. This also demonstrates to us that they are willing to work to get to their healing. There are always ways to fundraise locally and we will gladly help with this if you ask.


If you are currently on SSRI’s or other depression/anxiety medications we strongly suggest that you work with a trusted physician to help you taper off of these substances in a responsible manner prior to joining any retreat.


It is vitally important that you do not alter your medication in expectation of getting accepted into our programmes, as we cannot guarantee spots. If selected we will work with your timeline.

Our ability to provide financial scholarships is completely dependent on donations which makes it difficult to determine exactly when we will be able to support the next group. As a result, we cannot give you a precise waiting time.